Your Own Wedding Website; Do You Need One?

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There is a new trend sweeping the wedding floor this season, and that is the rise of the personal wedding website.

Now, do you really need one? Or more specifically, do you need to pay for one?

The answer is no, you don’t.

The most cost effective way of getting your wedding information online is to create a DIY wedding website. This will as a place for your guests to share your planning news and any important details that they should know, simply by following your blog.

There are several sites that offer this facility for free; the three main players are wordpress, blogger and livejournal.

Sign yourself up for an account, and away you go.

You can then give your guests your blog address to keep up with all the latest wedding planning developments.

Of course, you can always pay for a wedding website if you so wish, as like every other element of your wedding, it is for you to decide! However the DIY Wedding Website solution is definitely a blog!

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