Why it makes sense for you to ask for money as a wedding gift

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Here at The Wedding Nest, the topic of the moment is asking for money instead of wedding gifts. It used to be an unheard of concept but in today’s current financial climate, it actually makes more sense; you can pool the money you receive and buy one big present. That means that you get something you really wanted or needed and save the faff of gift lists and all that goes with them. Win Win!

We asked the team at onebigpresent.com, to tell us a bit more about it. Here’s what they said:


With today’s financial climate forcing their hands many more couples are biting the bullet and asking for cash as a wedding gift!

Couples asking for money instead of a wedding list is a growing trend. In the past they have often been too embarrassed to ask, but since the credit crunch their confidence has grown and many have chosen to abandon tradition in favour of cash.

Many countries and cultures of the world have favoured monetary gifts for generations and in several cultures cash actually forms an important part of the celebrations with ‘money dances’ taking place throughout the wedding. Here in the UK we are warming up nicely to the idea of cash as a wedding gift but we’re not always so sure of how to convey the message to our guests. Thankfully the OneBigPresent website offers everything you need, from your own wedding page with online guest book, to a swift and secure payment cart for your guests. We have even added some polite wording and poetry to the site to help you to request cash in your invitations.

With over three quarters of couples now living together before marriage it comes as no surprise that at OneBigPresent.com we see our wedding accounts being used for a huge variety of purposes, from the more obvious honeymoon to the quite unique, a piece of artwork for example, or a bigger car to accommodate the new arrival. It all makes perfect sense, why collect random and often unwanted gifts from your confused guests when you know exactly what you need! More importantly a nationwide survey carried out by i3 proved that 78% of UK consumers actually prefer to give cash as a wedding gift! With the average cash gift coming in at just over £75 for a wedding there is plenty of opportunity for your wedding fund to grow nicely. Several of our OneBigPresent funds to date have even hit the £5000 barrier! Now isn’t that the best start to married life?

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