Who Should Make The Wedding Speeches

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There are no hard and fast rules as to who should make the wedding speeches, if indeed you choose to have any at all.
But should you want to include some speeches as part of your wedding day, then there are a few members of the Bridal party that you might like to consider.

Tradition usually sees the Best Man stepping up to the job and saying a few words. This is normally a good blast of fun, mixed with apologies for absence and messages from those who can’t be there on the day. He might also share his story of how he came to be the Best Man and how he met the Groom. This may or may not include some embarrassing tales – guidance should be given if there are any particular tales that you might not want to be recalled.

The Father of The Bride will also often make a speech. This tends to be more of a sentimental wording, as a proud Dad ‘gives’ his daughter to her new husband and officially welcomes him to the family, whilst laying down any tongue in cheek rules for keeping her happy!

So those are the two people who would traditionally make a speech. Nowadays though, the floor is a little more open and the Mother of The Bride, Maid of Honour and even the Bride can say a few words, if they so wish.
And that’s not all; basically, if there is any particular people you would like to make a speech on your big day, then ask them, and see what they come up with.

Have a bit of fun with it though – just as there are no set rules to who can make a wedding speech, there are also no rules as to how they do it.
You can look towards formal speeches, or poems; I even came across a great piece on the internet the other day where a whole group of the Bride’s friends had come up with a song and dance – it was really fun!

So, wedding speeches, how do you like yours??

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