Weddings And Your Emotions

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Weddings can have an incredibly profound effect on your emotions.
It is not only a very stressful time with all the planning that goes into it, but it is also symbolic of a greater change.
As you plan for your special day, it may be the time that you move out of the family home, or perhaps you have already been living together and have decided to try for a baby straight after the wedding.
These are massive events to deal with as stand-alones, but combined with wedding planning, you may suddenly feel like you are drowning in a sea of “what am I doing” moments.
It is important to let yourself deal with those emotions as they arrive. Not doing so, only serves to enhance any frustrations you may have.
And rest assured, it is completely normal. How many times have you watched others get married and you’ve caught a glimpse of tear in the Bride or Groom? It is a big moment, it is only natural to feel some anticipation.

So don’t be afraid of your emotions. Feel them and discuss them. You will often find that once you have done this, a certain clarity ensues and any further niggles or irritations will be easier to deal with.
Quick Tip: Embrace those wedding emotions!

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