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A Wedding How To – Bun Hairstyle

First of all, make sure your hair is brushed thoroughly, so that it will lay nice and straight.
Next, decide whether you would like your hairstyle to have a parting, and if so, which side.
Define your parting and then brush neatly and tightly into a low ponytail, securing with a band.

Brush through your ponytail and take the length of it in your hands and twist it, until it forms a tight ‘rope’ effect. Wrap this ‘rope’ of hair around the base of your ponytail, securing with kirkby grips if necessary.
After the final wrap around, secure again with another band.

Now you have the basic elegant bun hairstyle, you can begin to dress it.

You may want to consider a hair vine, or jewelled pins. For an extravagant fix on a budget, buy a diamante bracelet, and use that to circle your bun.

This wedding hairstyle is simply enough to do yourself, whilst still looking elegant and polished.
If you want to add a veil, you can pin it to come from underneath your bun.

If you intend to wear a tiara with this look, you may like to consider one where the jewels drip forward onto your forehead, as worn by Kim Kardashian at her marriage to Kris Humphries. Kim chose not to bring the veil over her face.

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