Top Ten Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Cake

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Here are the Wedding Nest top ten tips for choosing your wedding cake.

  1. Wedding Cake doesn’t have to be cake. Think about alternatives like cheese, or soap. These look beautiful tiered, and are still lovely to cut up and give away.
  2. If you do want a cake, wedding cake doesn’t have to be fruit. You can have a lovely sponge, banana loaf, lemon cake, chocolate, whatever you fancy!
  3. Your wedding cake doesn’t have to be one cake. You can have cupcakes instead!
  4. Shop around! Visit a few bakeries and cake creators and ask to sample the cakes. Wedding cakes can be very expensive so you want to make sure that your money is sent in the best direction.
  5. Wedding cakes are usually white, but why not consider a different colour to open up your options!
  6. Wedding cake doesn’t have to be a million pounds. Perhaps you have a relative who is a whizz in the kitchen who might like to get involved, or maybe you could buy a plain cake and spend the day decorating it with your bridesmaids! Make those loved ones feel special by involving them!
  7. How will you get your wedding cake to the venue? If you are having a cake made professionally, check to see what their procedure is.
  8. When will you serve your wedding cake? You can serve your cakes during the reception, cut and wrap for guests to take away at the end, or save the cutting until a later date and mail out the cake.
  9. Take this into consideration when deciding what wedding cake to go for – shelf-life is a must-know!
  10. Do any of your guests have any special dietary requirements? There are great bakers out there who will craft splendid cakes for diabetic and gluten-free diets.
  11. A final alternative if you don’t fancy an actual wedding cake, why not go for a tower of Ferrero Rocher!

Wedding Ferrero Rocher Tower

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