Homemade Truffles As Wedding Favours

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homemade truffles wedding favour idea

If you are stuck for inspiration as to what to give your guests as wedding favours, then we may have a rather tasty idea for you here! Why not go for some homemade truffles.
Now this idea will take a little forward planning as there are a few stages involved and you will need to make them relatively close to your big day, but it would be such a lovely touch.

Basic truffles are really easy to make and really yummy too. It all starts with a ganache, which is effectively cream that has been brought to the boil, removed from the heat, then combined with chocolate and any other flavours you would like to add.

For a romantic pink wedding theme, why not consider a luxurious homemade strawberry or raspberry truffles, dipped in sugar nibs or smooth and creamy white chocolate.

Or for a pastel themed spring wedding, how about a delicious lemon truffle, again dipped in lovely white chocolate.

For the purist truffle fans, you can make a rich dark chocolate ganache and add a hint of your favourite liquers. Orange works particularly well.

There are so many different options, we guarantee that you will have enormous fun testing them all out – after all you will need to try them before offering them to your guests! Result!

Now once you have made your delicious homemade truffles, how to present them?
It all depends on the look you are going for with your overall theme. Perhaps consider having them all in little individual cellophane bags – if you do this, be careful not to mix the flavours of truffles as some stronger flavours might taint the lighter ones, such as the lemon.
Tied beautifully with curling ribbon, they would look lovely sat on your guests plates as they arrive for your formal reception.
You could even go a step further and wrap them individually in different colour foil – this may be slightly more labour intensive but the end result is well worth it.
There are also little mini boxes or buckets that you might want to consider.

So many lovely options, and you can guarantee that if you give these homemade truffles as wedding favours, there will be hardly any left behind – too delicious to resist!

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