Choosing A Wedding Hairstyle

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You’ve picked the perfect outfit so next up is your wedding hairstyle – it’s the finishing touches that will turn you into a lady that feels like a million dollars.

Your crowning glory is your wedding hairstyle.

Perhaps you fancy the soft and romantic ringlet look – very pure;

wedding hair down

This style has the beautiful curls in a half up and half down arrangement. This will make the most of gorgeous clean neck lines from the front, allowing you to wear a showpiece necklace. You could of course leave you heair completely down and have the cury tendrils draped deliciously over your shoulders.

Or perhaps you are looking for a high glaour look combined with a healthy dose of chicness;

wedding hair up flower

Here you have gorgeous curls piled up and accented with a stunning flower. This lets a lady show off her entire neck and shoulder line, which is exceptionally glamourous! This look is all about letting nothing get in the way of your natural beauty whilst still having a very styled look, without looking overdone.

And then of course, there is the simple wedding up-do!

wedding hair up do

A low bun sweeps everything away from your face to let your radiance shine through! And let’s face it, you’ll never look more radiant than on your wedding day!

Once you have chosen the style of your wedding dress, then that is the time to start getting definite about the sort of wedding hairstyle that you want. You may be governed by thicker shoulder straps which may soon a down style, but a strapless wedding gown can be made to look simply exquisite with the right choice of up-do.

Perhaps sit down with a friend or your favourite hairdresser and try out a few styles.

Happy hairstyling! Click here for a few more wedding hairstyle ideas

natural wedding hairstyle

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