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Are you blogging your wedding planning? Are you wondering whether you should?

I guess the first thing you should ask yourself is what you hope to get out of it!

If you simply want to have a place on the internet where you can talk about your wedding to your hearts content, then yes, a wedding blog would be a jolly good idea. The trouble with planning a wedding, is that people who are not directly connected to the big day itself get tired of hearing every little detail a lot quicker than you might. So if you set yourself a wedding blog up, and then give your friends and family the link, then they can dip in and out as they choose and skim over the bits that they might not be so interested in.

Another good reason to have a wedding blog, is that it will serve as a diary that you can look back on over the years to come, and remember the excitement of planning your wedding. And there might be a few ups and downs along the way, but they are what will make the process unique to you!
Perhaps you are a crafty bride or groom, who is planning to make a lot of bits for your own wedding. In this case, your wedding blog not only becomes a great portfolio, but also potentially a source of inspiration for others! I am not saying you can just start a wedding blog and expect a deluge of traffic, but if you are doing something different to the rest of the wedding crowd, then as they say, the cream always rises to the top.
Especially with the advent of pinterest and wedding gawker; both very visual sites that encourage sharing of ideas and information – the little details that you made at your kitchen table, could suddenly become a blogging sensation! Who knows!
The best reason to have a wedding blog, is of course purely to please yourself, but I know some of you might be thinking, ‘what would be the point of writing a blog if no-one reads it?’

Getting a following to any blog, let alone a wedding blog, will take time, but if that is something that interests you, then why not think about the bigger picture, and about what you would like for your wedding blog in the future. Perhaps you want to grow a community of like-minded people: by sticking to a particular niche, you may well attract lots of people who were looking for the opinions of someone just like you. So tailor your blog posts and think about what would make you read a particular wedding blog over another. What would you ideally want to see on a wedding blog? Advice? Pretty pictures? Inspiration?
At the end of the day though, you need to be happy with what you are putting onto your wedding blog, as otherwise it will just become one of the millions of blogs that were started in good faith and then ditched 6 weeks later when the inspiration and dedication had run out, and you don’t want that!

So stay true to yourself, and make yours the best wedding blog there has ever been!

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