Asking For Monetary Gifts Nicely

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Do you know, it is okay to ask for monetary gifts instead of wedding presents!

It certainly makes more sense than ever in these tough financial times. A Bride and Groom want to start out life in as good a financial position as possible – after all, it is great foundations upon which the best things are built.

So why not just be honest when asking for gifts of money and take the opportunity to share with your guests what you will do with the cash.

Say for example, you are looking for money to put towards buying a house or doing up the place that you already live in. Maybe you are starting a fund to get things ready for when you have children. You might even want to use the money to help pay for the honeymoon of your dreams! These are the sort of gifts that are ultimately valued more, as there will be a long term reminder.

Asking for monetary gifts nicely is easy. As suggested, just be honest with those that you love – after all, if they are true friends, they will want what is best for you both, too!
You can do this by adding a simple note into your wedding invitation, or if you have a wedding website of your own, slip the details on there.

You can use a nice little poem or just say it as it is! The choice is yours!

The last point we will make about asking for monetary gifts nicely, is that no matter how nicely you ask, there may be one or two less forward thinking people who will ignore or disregard your request, because they perhaps feel it is not the done thing! But don’t be offended or embarrassed; just think different stokes for different folks!

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